Overview of School of Public Administration

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School of Public Administration (SPA) was established in July 2012. This School concurrently has three catalogues of the disciplines including engineering, management and law, upholds the development idea of “pursuing excellence and strengthening the quality for better and the mission of making every effort to cultivate the innovative talents with complicated skills with Chinese patriotism and international view-field, familiar with the political thought, the concept of rule by law, management philosophy and management skills and having both ability and moral integrity” and devotes itself to building an excellent, harmonious and happy school of public administration.  

SPA now has three departments: Department of Public Administration, Department of Land Resources Management and Department of Law; 2 education centers: MPA Education Center and J.M Education Center; 1 provincial and ministerial key laboratory: Key Laboratory of Land and Natural Resources Law Evaluation Engineering under Ministry of Natural Resources. Now it has six undergraduate programs: public service administration, public administration, law, land resources management and land consolidation engineering (admission in 2020) and emergency management (admission in 2021), with unique characteristics of resources management. It has a discipline authorized to offer doctoral degree for public administration and the center of post-doctoral studies for public administration; the discipline authorized to offer masters degree for law and has the right to offer the professional degrees for master of public administration (MPA), Juris Master (J.M.) and resources and environment. In recent years, the disciplines and the majors have obtained the considerable development. In 2013, the first-class discipline of public management was evaluated as a key discipline in Hubei Province, which ranked B+ in 4th round of China Discipline Ranking and ranked Top 20% among 143 participating universities. In the Academic  Ranking of China Universities in 2021, land resources management, public service administration and public administration respectively took 7th, 29th and 30th place and was appraised as Class-A major. The major of law is continuously upgraded, ranked Top 31% in the Academic Ranking of China Universities and was selected in Major B+.

This School has formed a complete high-quality talents cultivation system covering the undergraduate, graduates, doctoral and post-doctoral program and the international education. Now it has 852 full-time in-campus undergraduates, 506 postgraduates, 75 doctoral students and 316 part-time postgraduates for MPA. It has accumulatively enrolled about 200 overseas students (as of June 2021).  

SPA has powerful faculty members. Now there are 78 faculty members, including 66 teachers, 17 professors and 35 associate professors (including distinguished associate professors), 13 doctoral supervisors and 60 master supervisors and 60 teachers with doctoral degrees; 85% of the teachers have experience in studying abroad. It has a batch of famous scholars such as the chief experts of Major Program of the National Social Science Fund of China, chief science popularization experts of Ministry of Natural Resources and the most beautiful social scientists in Hubei Province.

In recent years, SPA has achieved plentiful and substantial fruits in scientific research. It has successfully presided over 500 scientific research projects, including 46 projects funded by NSFC and The National Social Science Fund of China. More than 510 papers have been published by both teachers and students at home and abroad. It has obtained the honors including Excellent Social Science Fruit Award in Hubei Province, Award in Science and Technology Progress in Hubei Province and Excellent Teaching Fruit Award in Universities in Hubei Province.  

SPA persists in the all-round, multi-level and wide-field exchange and cooperation at home and abroad. It has made broad exchange and cooperation with well-known universities, research institutes at home and abroad and has successively hosted 17th Joint Conference of National College Land Resources Management Dean (Department Head) & 2018 China Land Science Forum. Over 150 person-times attended the international and domestic academic seminars every year and over 50 academic reports were made by the experts in and out of CUG.