Notice of School of Public Administration on Selecting Advanced Undergraduate Graduating Classes and Excellent Graduates in 2021

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Graduates (undergraduate) of the School in 2021:

In order to encourage graduates to follow the instruction of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, strive to practice the core socialist values, actively participate in the great socialist cause with Chinese characteristics with a correct employment and talent view and go to the grassroots, the west and the places where the motherland needs it most, and encourage graduates to play a better role in future jobs and make greater contributions to the party and the country, the selection of 2021 advanced graduating classes and excellent graduates (undergraduate) is now carried out, and the specific affairs about the selection  are hereby notified as follows:

I. Selection object

Advanced graduating class will be selected from all undergraduate graduating classes; excellent graduates will be selected from the fresh graduates with formal student status and graduation qualification.

II. Selection conditions

Set a good example and encourage the advanced students. Refer to Measures for Selection through Public Appraisal of Advanced Graduating Classes and Excellent Graduates of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), see Annex I for details.

III. Selection organization

1. As to the class and individual elected as “advanced graduating classes and “excellent graduates”, the University will confer the honorary title and commend the individual in the graduation ceremony, and published their advanced deeds in the website of the student employment and entrepreneurship guidance department.  “Advanced graduating classes will be awarded honorary certificates and prizes; “excellent graduates” will be awarded honorary certificates, and undergraduates will be awarded prizes. At the same time, "Registration Form for Excellent Graduates" will be filed in their archives.

2. Those who are evaluated as “advanced graduating classes and “excellent graduates” will be disqualified and deprived of honorary titles in case of serious breach of the rules and regulations of CUG before leaving the campus.

IV. Application requirements

Time schedule and requirements on submittals: Application time: May 18 to May 24 (Deadline: 18:00 on May 24).

The applicant shall fill in the “Registration Form for Advanced Graduating Classes” (Annex 2) and “Registration Form of Excellent Graduates” (Annex 3) in detail and attach the outstanding deeds. It is required to illustrate the outstanding deems for convenient publicity through websites, WeChat, electronic screens, etc. The deeds of advanced graduating classes and excellent graduates are about 2,000 words and 1,000 words respectively (refer to Annex 4).

Please send the electronic version of all materials (registration form and deeds) to the email address of wuboo@cug.edu.cn before 18:00 on May 24 (when submitting, please make clear the relevant information for excellent graduates application and excellent graduating class application in the subject of the email.).

V. Other instructions

1. Those who have been selected as “excellent graduates” will be deprived of honorary titles in case of malicious violation of the employment agreement before graduation and causing adverse effects on the reputation of CUG, or failing to graduate on schedule due to personal reasons,

2. The University reserves the right to cancel the award-winning qualification of the advanced graduating class and excellent graduates who have submitted substandard or unqualified deeds materials.

Student Affairs Leading Group of School of Public Administration

May 18, 2021

(Edited and translated from the Chinese version)