Work Program for Regulating Matriculation of Full-time Master Degree Candidates of School of Public Administration of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in 2022

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In accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of National Master Degree Candidates Admission in 2022 (JXH [2021] No. 2) and the spirit of relevant documents of the University, the School, in combination with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation of admissions, hereby formulates the following work scheme for regulating matriculation of master degree candidates in 2022:

I. Basic Requirements for Regulating

1. Basic conditions: the applicants must be qualified for the basic regulating requirements in 2022. The result of preliminary examination should meet the national basic requirements of the first-choice major and the score requirements of the major regulated to in our School. The major regulated to should be the same as or similar to the first-choice major, and cross-disciplinary regulating is not accepted. The subjects of preliminary examination are the same as or similar to those of the major regulated to, and the subjects of the national unified preliminary examination should be the same as those of the major regulated to.

2. Candidates applying for regulating must have a bachelor's degree or above, and the candidates with equivalent education level will not be accepted.

3. In accordance with the characteristics of the disciplines and the student source structure of the School, and in accordance with the principles of "admission according to need, comprehensive examination, merit-based admission, and fewer but better", the School will determine the list of candidates for second-round examination based on the candidates’ preliminary examination results, taking into full consideration of the candidates' undergraduate disciplines and research potential. Candidates applying for regulating must meet all other academic regulating requirements set by the School, as described in the "Special Requirements for Regulating" of the regulating program in the regulating system on China Graduate Admission Information Network.

4. The majors with insufficient applicants can accept the qualified candidates from the same or similar majors on campus or off campus.

5. Both on-campus and off-campus applicants must apply, transfer data and go through procedures through the Regulating System of China Graduate Admission Information Network.

6. The regulating from the "High-level Backbone Talent Program for Ethnic Minorities" and "Special Program for Former Student Soldiers" will not be accepted.

II. Score Line of Second-Round Examination and Quota

(Major code)

Major name

Score line of second-round examination

Regulating quota of general program

(035102) Jurisprudence (Science of Law)



(085700) Resources and Environment



II. Regulating Procedures

1. On April 6, the regulating system of China Graduate Admission Information Network will be opened. Our School will release the regulating vacancy information for 12 hours. Please fill in the official regulating choice again in the regulating system, and the regulating choice will be locked for 36 hours.

2. Candidates must receive our notice for second-round examination within the specified time, and those who do not reply in time are considered to have given up automatically and will be disqualified from the second-round examination.

3. After passing the second-round examination, the candidates must receive the notice of pending admission from our School within the specified time. Those who do not reply in time are considered to have given up automatically and will be disqualified from the pending admission.

4. The final regulating admission results are subject to China Graduate Admission Information Network, and please pay attention to the relevant notice on our website.

III. Arrangement of Second-Round Examination for Regulating

(I) Form of second-round examination for regulating

Candidates will take the second-round examination in a remote way by internet, and the expert group will assess on site. The unified software platform is adopted, which has the functions of double machine, face recognition and ID card recognition for candidates tanking the examination, to strictly prevent "substitute examination" and other violations of discipline and rules.

(II) Preparation before second-round examination

1. Preparation for online examination conditions. Candidates should complete the construction of the hardware and software required for their personal online second-round examination in advance, including the basic networking environment and cell phone (two cell phones and two WeChat accounts) access devices.

2. Equipment commissioning. Candidates should complete equipment commissioning in advance, usually one hour in advance; pass the system identity verification and enter the waiting area.

3. Signing of the commitment letter. Candidates are required to sign the "Commitment of Honesty to Examination and Confidentiality" before starting the examination, strictly abide by the examination discipline and confidentiality requirements, and not to release any content related to the second-round examination. Candidates who have violations in the second-round examination, once confirmed, will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the “Measures for Handling Violations in the National Education Examination” and the “Interim Measures for Handling Violations in the National University Entrance Exams”, and will be disqualified from admission and recorded in the “Candidate Examination Integrity File”.

4. Complete the second-round examination seriously. Candidates will randomly select the questions of second-round examination and complete the assessment tasks according to the prescribed process.

5. For detailed requirements of network remote second-round examination, please refer to the “Instructions for Candidates of Network Remote Second-Round Examination of 2022 Postgraduate Admission”.

(III) Online registration and qualification examination

Candidates are required to log on to the online remote second-round examination platform through the website of the University before 24:00 on April 7, and provide the electronic version of the materials online according to the list of materials for qualification examination. Those who fail to upload the qualification examination materials as required or those who do not meet the requirements will not be re-examined.

1. Handwritten and signed “Commitment to Integrity and Confidentiality” and a handheld ID photo. (Upload 1 JPG picture only)

2. Admission ticket of preliminary examination. (Upload 1 JPG picture only)

3. Proof materials of school status and academic qualifications: Previous graduates should prepare scanned copies or photos of the “Electronic Registration Form for Academic Certificates of the Ministry of Education” or the “China Higher Education Degree Certification Report”; fresh graduates should submit the photo of their student ID cards. (Upload 1 JPG picture only)

4. Personal resume (candidates should fill in our personal resume template and upload it. All contents are combined into one PDF file). (Upload 1 PDF file only)

5. "Review Form of Ideological and Political Moral Performance for Graduate Admissions" (Candidates should fill in the form and then stamp and scan or take photos to upload.) If the form cannot be stamped due to the epidemic, you can first upload the examination form signed by the organization department. The stamped version should be sent to the application unit within 10 days after the announcement of the proposed admission (If the mail cannot be sent due to the impact of the epidemic, please contact our School and postpone it). (Upload 1 JPG picture only)

6. Scanned copies of supporting materials (e.g. original papers, research project approval forms, transcripts, certificates, etc.) are merged into a separate PDF file and uploaded to the system as supplementary materials.

(IV) Contents of second-round examination

The second-round examination mainly tests the candidates’ professional quality, innovation ability, foreign language level, cultivation potential, and mental quality and so on. Second-round examination is based on comprehensive and open-ended competency-based questions. Based on the supplementary materials submitted by the candidates, such as college transcripts, graduation theses, scientific research achievements and expert recommendation letters, a comprehensive examination is conducted on the candidate’ past studies, consistent performance, scientific research ability, comprehensive quality and ideological and moral character. Candidates are requested to prepare relevant materials carefully.

1. Contents of second-round examination: Ideological and political quality and moral assessment, professional quality test, foreign language listening and speaking ability, practical (experimental) ability assessment, comprehensive quality evaluation. The specific content of second-round examination assessment and the use of results will be determined according to the discipline characteristics and scientific norms of this School. The examination time is 20 minutes per candidate.

2. The process of second-round examination includes five parts: candidate's self-reporting, candidate's randomly selected questions, candidate's answers, expert's questions, and expert's scoring. The candidates will randomly select at least two questions.

3. Time of second-round examination: April 9

4. Score of second-round examination. The full score of second-round examination is 100 points, accurate to two decimal places, and will be announced within 2 days after the examination.

Professional knowledge assessment

Foreign language listening and speaking skills

General quality and previous studies

60 points

20 points

20 points

Score of second-round examination=score of professional knowledge assessment +score of foreign language listening and speaking skills + score of general quality and previous studies

(V) Payment for second-round examination

Candidates should pay the second-round examination fee of RMB 100Yuan/person online through the online remote second-round examination system.

(VI) For the unmentioned requirements, please refer to the provisions on second-round examination for first choice.

VI. Admission Rules

1. Score calculation. Total score = total score of preliminary examination ÷ sum of full marks of preliminary examination×100×60%+ score of second-round examination (100 points system) × 40%. The second-round examination and total score are calculated in 100 points system, accurate to two decimal places.

2. Admission rules

The proposed admission list will be determined according to the total score from high to low. Those who do not take the second-round examination or fail the second-round examination (not reaching 60% of the second-round examination score) will not be admitted. In case of one of the following circumstances, the candidate will not be admitted or disqualified:

Unqualified in ideological and political quality and moral quality assessment.

Failing to attend the second-round examination or unqualified in the second-round examination (the score of second-round examination is the sum of examinations; if the score is lower than 60, it is unqualified).

Failure in additional subjects.

Not publicized in the proposed admission list.

Failure to submit required documents such as graduation certificate on time.

Providing false information.

3. Admission category:

Non-targeted: The personnel files of non-targeted postgraduates must be transferred to the University within the specified time. Upon graduation, they will be employed by two-way choice between themselves and employers.

4. Physical examination

There is no physical examination during the second-round examination, and the candidates will take part in the entrance examination after admission. There are two ways of physical examination, and the candidates can choose either. First, candidates can go to our hospital for physical examination at the prescribed time; second, candidates can go to the local hospital of second grade or above for physical examination and mail the physical examination report to this School at the specified time.

5. Training mode

Full-time: Within the basic length of schooling or the length of schooling stipulated by the University, they must study full-time in school.

6. Tuition and grant

For tuition, please refer to relevant standards of the Regulations of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) for Admissions of Master Degree Candidates in 2022. The scholarships and grants for full-time postgraduates shall be implemented in accordance with the Notice on the Implementation Measures of the Postgraduate Scholarship System of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (Trial). The academic scholarship assessment for new students shall be carried out in the second-round examination.

7. Procedure for proposed admission

The candidates to be admitted must complete the procedure for proposed admission before May 30 (transfer of personnel files, political examination or submission of targeted training contract). If the candidate fails to go through the procedures within the time limit, he/she shall bear the consequence of not being admitted. All the proposed admission lists must be submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval before they are officially accepted.

VII. Others

1. Contact information

Mailing address: Teaching Affairs Office 226, School of Public Administration, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), No. 388 Lumo Road, Wuhan City, Hubei Province (Postal Code: 430074)

Tel: 027-67883229 Email:

2. Appeal channels

Graduate School: 027-67885153; Supervision Division: 027-67884345.

Report Email:

School of Public Administration

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