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Lan Nan

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Lan Nan


Lan Nan, female, native of Jingshan, Hubei Province, doctor of law. Main research fields: environmental and resources protection law and natural resource management policy. Courses offered: Environmental Protection Law, Natural Resources Law, Foreign Environmental Law, and Natural Resource Management Laws and Policies. She visited Alfred State College-SUNY from July to October 2012.

She has written three books such as Study on the Legal Regulation of Drinking Water Source Protection and Study on the Legal Issues of Groundwater Resources Protection, edited three textbooks such as Studies on Typical Cases of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection Law, participated in compiling four textbooks such as Science of International Environment Law, and published more than 40 papers in China Soft Science, Environmental Protection, Journal of China University of Geosciences (Social Sciences Edition) and other journals.

She has presided over more than 10 projects such as the National Social Science Fund of China, and participated in more than 10 projects such as the National Social Science Fund of China and the Humanities and Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education. She has won one second prize in the Theme Essay Competition of “Legal Guarantee of Ecological Environment” jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and China Law Society, one third prize of Excellent Academic Papers Award in Natural Science of Hubei Province, and two second prizes for Excellent Young Scholars’ Papers at the Annual Meeting of Hubei Society of Environmental and Resource Law.