Chen Xing

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Chen Xing


Name:  Chen Xing

Sex: Female

Date of BirthNov. 3, 1980

Birth place: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Education background:

09/2006 – 07/2010 SchoolGraduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Degree: Doctor of Economics

Major: National Economics

09/2002 – 07/2005 School: School of Public Administration, Wuhan University

Degree: Master of Management

Major: Social Security

09/1998 –07/2002 School: Wuhan Textile University

Degree: Bachelor of Economics

Major: International Trade

Work experience:

09/2005 – Lecturer, School of Public Administration of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Social organization:

Member of China Social Insurance Association

Academic achievements:

1. Chen Xing. Pension Liabilities and Government Funding Countermeasures in China [J]. Compensation & Benefits Review, 2012,44(1).

2. Chen Xing. Optics Valley of China and Its Social Security Issue [J]. Compensation & Benefits Review, 2012, 44(3).

3. Chen Xing. The relationship between the investment of enterprise annuity and virtual economy  A Case study of the United States [J]. Theory Monthly, 2012,12

4. Chen Xing. The Study of Financial Expenditure and the Construction of Pension System. 2012 International Conference on Public Administration (8th ICPA ) Hyderabad, India, included in ISSHP

5. Chen Xing. Research on the reform path and performance of pension mode of “the Combination of Social Pooling and Individual Pension Account” in China. 2012 International Conference on Pension Security, 2012.10  

6. Chen Xing. The Research of the US Private Pension Investment Based on the Theory of Fictitious Economy [J]. Social Security Studies, 2011,6

7. Chen Xing. Investment, operation and reference of DC type enterprise annuity plan in the United State [J]. Finance and Accounting Monthly, 2011,11