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Nanwang Law Forum Held a High-End Legal Practice Lecture on Mining Law

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[Correspondents: Su Xiaohan, Lian Binhan] On October 21, 2021, Wang Feng, Director of Mining and Energy Law Department of Beijing Jingsh (Wuhan) Law Firm, and his team members Yang Qing and Xu Huyun were invited to give a high-end legal practice lecture on mining law at Nanwang Law Forum (202104) of our school. Cai Huilian, deputy dean of the School, Professor Xu Ming, Associate Professor Liao Jianqiu, Dr. Tu Yinan, Dr. Zhang Yanfang and some graduate students of law also attended this academic lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Xu Ming introduced the guests and then Deputy Dean Cai Huilian awarded Wang Feng a part-time mentorship certificate.


Next, lawyer Wang Feng introduced the theme of this lecture "Legal risk analysis and response of mining enterprises" by the recent case of domestic power restriction, and pointed out that the fundamental problem of domestic power restriction was the energy supply problem, both in the past and now, the energy problem was closely related to our life, the development of human civilization needed mineral resources, and the disputes in real life also arose from minerals. In the lecture, Wang Feng deeply analyzed the current situation of mining legal services in China and the pain points of mining enterprises' operation based on actual cases. Wang Feng pointed out that there were few domestic lawyers engaged in mining services, complicated cases involving mining disputes, and the lack of expert theoretical support for mining enterprises, all of which might lead to difficulties in acquiring mining rights for mining enterprises and difficulties in guaranteeing the safety of national mineral resources. In order to solve a series of legal risk problems of mining enterprises, we should promote the integration of Institute of Mineral Energy Carbon Neutralization, the Institute of Mineral Investment and Financing and Mining Arbitration and Mediation Center of mining services. Finally, lawyer Wang Feng expressed her "five-year plan" and "ten-year plan", expecting to sign two hundred top experts in mineral energy in five years and gather 50 excellent lawyers in mineral energy in ten years in Central China.


During the interactive session, the students enthusiastically asked questions about mineral energy, and lawyer Wang Feng patiently answered them, which benefited the students a lot.

In the commentary session, Deputy Dean Cai Huilian expressed her sincere thanks to Wang Feng, and at the same time introduced to the students the historical process of the revision of the mining law and analyzed the focus and direction of the revision of the mining law at this stage. Director Liao Jianqiu pointed out that lawyer Wang Feng attached importance to mining practice while deputy dean Cai Huilian attached importance to academic principles, and the combination of the two was the basic path for us to cultivate compound law talents. At the same time, he also pointed out that the effective handling of the relationship between the market and the government was the core thread of the revision and operation of the mining law.

This academic lecture not only made the students understand the theoretical knowledge of mineral energy, but also made the students learn the application of mining law in practice by analyzing cases. The students have benefited a lot and gained a lot.