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Associate Professor Xie Xiaoqing Served as a Judge of the Ninth National Simulated Collective Consultation (Negotiation) Competition for Colleges and Universities

Author:Oct 26, 2021editor:刘国华Amount of reading:


    On Oct. 23-24, Associate Professor Xie Xiaoqing of our college served as a judge of the 9th National Simulated Collective Consultation (Negotiation) Competition for Colleges and Universities. The ninth competition was organized by the School of Public Administration of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and 80 teams from 40 universities nationwide participated. There were 8 experts from government and university system, 8 experts from trade union system and 8 experts from enterprises. There were 3 judges in each competition field, one from each of the above three parties. Leaders from the Labor Relations Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Rights and Interests Protection Department of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the Employer Work Department of China Enterprise Confederation attended the opening ceremony of the competition.



    The Competition aims to strengthen the full communication and in-depth discussion among universities and related departments in China, promote the collective consultation (negotiation) mode with the main theme of people-oriented and win-win cooperation based on the teaching concept of linking theory with practice and cross-fertilization of multiple disciplines, enhance the professional core quality and ability of labor relations talents in China, build a platform for inter-school exchange of talent training mechanism and mode, and build harmonious labor relations. The competition is sponsored by the Labor Relations Branch of the China Human Resources Development and Research Association, and is hosted by relevant universities on a rotating basis. At present, it has become a comprehensive event with high participation of trade unions, human resources and social security and educational authorities, as well as industry enterprises, and high attention from all walks of life.