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The Department of Law Held a Seminar on Teaching Experience in the Fall Semester of 2021

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At 2:00 pm on November 25, 2021, all teachers of the Department of Law gathered in B107 of the Public Administration Building and held a seminar on teaching experience in the fall semester of 2021, focusing on the three key words of "attitude", "method" and "commitment".

Mr. Hu Zhonghua’s exchange topic was “Detailed Explanation of Conscience Living”. From his own teaching career of more than twenty years, Mr. Hu concluded a rule: teaching is a matter of conscience. Whether it is student evaluation, peer evaluation or supervisory evaluation, these are all data and indicators presented outside, but the most crucial thing is the teacher's inner evaluation of himself/herself, which directly determines the teacher's teaching attitude. First of all, teachers should change from knowledge imparting to ability training and ideological and political education. If knowledge is the dry food and ability is a shotgun, then ideological and political education is concerned with people who hold shotguns and dry food. Nowadays, the channels for students to acquire knowledge are becoming more and more diversified, and online course resources such as online MOOC can provide students with dry food, but teachers standing on the platform can pass humanistic literacy through sincere perceptions to students through face-to-face communication with students according to the characteristics of different lecture subjects, and this kind of communication with obvious differentiation compared with online course resources is our foundation. Secondly, in the form of communication with students, we strive to achieve a certain degree of performance, of course, in order to attract students' interest in learning. This is an era of increasing interest threshold. Let's take a look at the teachers who resemble joke writers on bilibili. How can we have no pressure? In order to surpass it, we must first understand the teaching content on the traffic media and create our own teaching style on the premise of knowing ourselves as well as the enemy. Students often say that civil law classes are not like jurisprudence on institutional rules, because at first glance they are full of sociology, economics and history and culture, or life itself, and that may be the value and meaning of me on the platform, the non-formal teacher.

Mr. Song Dongdongs exchange topic was I use my hand to educate people. As a representative of young teachers, Mr. Song summarized in detail the teaching method of "Kingship and Dominance", starting from the criminal procedure law and enterprise law courses he taught. First of all, it is Kingship to be useful to students. It is the dream of every law student to pass the legal qualification exam, and Mr. Song's teaching of criminal procedure law draws on the professional materials of the LSAT training institutions, and the detailed combing of knowledge points and tabular comparisons make students feel useful and naturally motivated to study. Secondly, what makes students feel interesting is Dominance. The use of media examples and movie and TV drama segments to teach points in a way that is enjoyable to students can effectively enhance students' attention and learning. Mr. Song said, the tree has its roots and the water has its source, and the teaching method cannot be applied without the habit of teachers' good learning, because the speed of legal development and update is very fast in our era, and the only way to use the extended knowledge that Mr. Hu just mentioned is to constantly enrich and improve our knowledge structure.

Ms. Lan Nans exchange topic was Working hard in the responsible field of teaching. Ms. Lan Nan, whose teaching field of responsibility is environmental protection law, firstly reviewed the history of the difficult and remarkable development of the law major from the numerous courses to the implementation of the field of responsibility, and carefully summarized the concept and path of plowing the field of responsibility. Ms. Lan Nan's teaching philosophy is oriented to legal thinking and practice skills, and the specific path is to combine classroom lectures with diverse communication. In law training programs, environmental protection law, natural resources law and foreign environmental law courses are often scheduled in the fifth and sixth semesters, and are not the main focus of the legal professional qualification examination, so the teaching advantage is inherently insufficient, and we have to find another way. In the classroom lectures, she adopts the interactive mode of question-centered answers to enhance students' active learning and hands-on ability; outside the classroom, she focuses on befriending students, providing reference information for students' practical concerns about examinations and employment or life issues, and actively guiding and instructing students to write academic papers. There will be five courses next semester, and Ms. Lan said that she would continue to cultivate the responsible field, which is a teacher's duty.

The speeches of the three teachers aroused strong resonance among the participating teachers, and they discussed the teaching attitude, teaching methods and teaching input, and the topics gradually expanded to the improvement of the training program, the design of curriculum thinking and government, the construction of practice teaching base, the way of moot court, the teaching program of law clinic, etc. This teaching experience exchange seminar reached a series of consensus on teaching work in the whole department, opened the curtain of the teaching seminar for the construction of new liberal arts, and laid a good foundation for the formation of a new situation of enthusiastic teaching career and improving teaching quality in the Department of Law.