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The Branch Seminar on “Development Geography and its Applications” of China Conference on Geography 2021 was Successfully Held

Author:Dec 20, 2021editor:刘国华Amount of reading:

(Reported by Li Bingqing) From December 12 to 15, the “China Conference on Geography 2021 (CCG 2021)” jointly sponsored by The Geographical Society of China and Fujian Normal University was held in the form of "offline + online". On Dec. 15, the seminar on "Development Geography and its Application Research" in S32 branch session, jointly convened by researcher Deng Xiangzheng of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, CAS and Professor Wang Zhanqi of this School, was successfully held online. More than 60 experts and scholars from related research fields reported, exchanged and discussed on China's land space development and utilization and ecological protection and restoration, resource utilization and management in new urbanization, and optimal land utilization and low carbon development.


In the morning, the session was chaired by Researcher Deng Xiangzheng and Professor Wang Zhanqi, and 12 experts and scholars made presentations and exchanges. Focusing on the ecological protection, low-carbon development and resource development and utilization in the development and utilization of land and space, Associate Professor Zeng Jie, Deputy Director (concurrent) of the Organization Department of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Department of Geography in the School of Geography and Information Engineering, Associate Professor Yang Shengfu, Associate Professor Xu Feng, Dr. Zhang Hongwei, and Dr. Li Bingqing from the School of Public Administration made reports respectively entitled “From Imbalance to Inequity: Understanding the Supply and Demand Pattern of Ecosystem Services from the Perspective of Fairness”, “Study on Carbon Compensation in Watershed Based on Land Use Change - A Case Study of Yangtze River Economic Belt”, “Land Use and Population Change – An Empirical Study Based on Urban and Regional Perspectives in China”, “Spatial-temporal characteristics and influencing factors of legal rural construction land expansion from 2009 to 2018: A case study in Hubei, China”, and “Study on Spatial Reconfiguration of Rural Settlements Based on Agglomeration Development Path”.



In the afternoon, the session was hosted by Associate Professor Ye Shilin from Fujian Normal University, where 10 graduate students from different universities presented and exchanged ideas. Gao Yunxiao, Du Hanwen, Zhang Chen, Li Haiyang, and Fan Mengjiao from the School of Public Administration of China University of Geosciences presented, exchanged and discussed about resource and environment management, land use performance, and land function optimization in the development and utilization of national land space.


The China Conference on Geography is a series of academic conferences with the largest scale, the highest specification and the widest influence sponsored by The Geographical Society of China. Professor Wang Zhanqi made a summary of this session. He thanked The Geographical Society of China and Fujian Normal University for providing the communication platform, thanked every reporter for their careful preparation, and appreciated that the content of the presentations in this session was novel, and that they were able to conduct research around the important strategic layout of the country, making efforts to contribute to economic and social development. Finally, he sincerely wished the China Conference on Geography to be better and better, and encouraged young teachers and graduate students to see more, think more, and participate in more academic exchanges to constantly broaden their horizons, open their ideas and improve their academic level.