Zhang Xinyue in Class 173172 Attended May 4 Youth Symposium in Hubei Province

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On April 29, May 4 Youth Symposium in Hubei Province was held in Wuhan. Erkenjiang·Tulahong, a standing committee member of the Provincial Party Committee and the Director of the United Front Work Department, and the provincial leaders incljuding Liang Weinian and Wang Hongling attended the symposium. Outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life in Hubei Province attended the symposium, and Zhang Xinyue, an undergraduate in Class 173172 in this School, participated in the symposium as one of 8 undergraduate representatives of in Hubei Province. The symposium was presided over by Vice Provincial Governor Ning Yong.

Ying Yong, the secretary of Provincial Party Committee, sent a message to the youth in Hubei Province to inherit the red genes, strengthen the faiths and beliefs, continue the spiritual bloodline, have far-reaching aspiration and be down-to-earth, and make greater youth contributions to Hubei Province in "building a pillar, walking in the forefront and writing a new chapter". Ying Yong pointed out that over the past one year, a large number of young people in Hubei Province had followed the instructions and guidance of the Party, rushed ahead and worked hard in the fight against the epidemic, flood and poverty alleviation, undergone the severe test, played an important role and fully demonstrated the youth's responsibility and youthful nature. Youth was at its best, and struggle was at the right time. He hoped that the youth in Hubei Province should remember General Secretary Xi Jinping's earnest entrust of loving the country and people, refining their morality, daring to innovate, and working hard and trying to become a newcomer to the new era who could undertake the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation, and set great goals, understand great virtues, become great talents, and undertake great responsibilities. Young people were the fresh activists and the storm troops for Hubei's high-quality development. Party committees and governments at all levels and Communist Youth League organizations in Hubei Province should care for the youth, create a better environment, provide more help and create better conditions for their growth, innovation and business startups, and encourage and guide the youth people to write more magnificent youth chapters in the new journey and new era.

Six outstanding youth representatives including Lv Yiliang, Han Dao, Guo Qin, Weng Xinqiang, Zhu Xiaohan and Jiang Ruge told their inspirational youth stories on the site.

Erkenjiang·Tulahong, a standing committee member of the Provincial Party Committee and the Director of the United Front Work Department made a speech. He stressed that the youth should study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on youth work and the spirit of his speech during his inspection in Tsinghua University, conscientiously implement the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, set great ambitions, inherit the red blood in the Party history learning, and strengthen institutional self-confidence from the anti-epidemic and become the inheritors of red genes; understand the great morality, lay a solid moral foundation, and become the leader of social fashion; become great talents, study hard, practice hard, know and do it, and be the enterprising persons with excellent skills; shoulder great responsibilities, be brave in innovation and creation, overcome difficulties, contribute to society, and be a doer who writes new chapters. Youth League organizations at all levels in Hubei Province should uphold the leadership of the Party, persist in serving the overall situation and the youth, give full play to the role of the bridge between the party and the youth, and greet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements.

Zhang Xinyue, an undergraduate in Class 173172 in this School, a member of the 23rd Education Support Group of CUG, said that the younger generation must integrate their personal values into the national mission, work hard with the people and advance with the motherland. Only when their personal choices matched the needs of the motherland, the times and the people, could they be meaningful and valuable. In the following grass-roots service in western China, she would stick to the original aspiration, be a "four-haves" good teacher, and make due contributions to the training of talents in the service place; practice the service spirit of volunteer and spare no effort in teaching to become the leader of local volunteer action and the promoter of volunteer culture; be an inheritor of the red genes, the "preachers" of the Party, and embody their personal values in serving the grassroots people in the west and let youth blossom in the places where the Party and the people need it most!