Administration-Style Public Administration Cup Carnival Serial Activities Held by This School

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In order to further carry out the Party history learning and education, strengthen ideological guidance, encourage students to walk off the internet, out of apartments and toward the playground, enjoy the joy and relaxation of outdoor activities, release academic pressure and cultivate good physical and mental health, on the occasion of May 25 National College Students' Mental Health Day, on the afternoon of May 20, School of Public Administration held a series of “Administration-Style” Public Administration Cup Outdoor Carnival Activities in the playground in Northern Campus. The activities were plentiful in contents and diverse in forms, and had integrated three activity sections: “the Centenary of the Founding of the Party”, “Mental Health Building” and “Association Exhibition”, and totally attracted more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in them.

Hu Xuetian, the head of the Cultural and Sports Center, first told all of the participants the contents and rules of the activities in detail. He wished the students “a good time and a warm love”.

Subsequently, Deputy Secretary Liu Guohua made a speech. He said that as a new youth in public administration in the new era, we should love the party, love the country, love the university, love this School, love learning, love practice, love our families, love our friends, love you, love me, love him (her) and love ourselves. In daily study and life, we should know our responsibilities at the bottom of our hearts, grow up together, and dream it possible in CUG. In the characteristic activities, we should compete with wisdom, heartfelt wishes, prizes, friendship, love and fine sportsmanship, and announced the opening of the activities.

The activities were divided into three parts: “the Centenary of the Founding of the Party”, “Mental Health Building” and “Association Exhibition”

In “Celebrating the Centenary of the Founding of the Party”, the organization department set up activities such as knowledge contest, know him/her through pictures and lottery, which were intended to arouse students’ attention to the Centenary of the Founding of the Party, and remind us to remember the Party history and move forward. The mental health activities held by the rights and interests service center, were mainly divided into four parts: mental health knowledge popularization gallery, flag station, Xiaoyi Anxiety-Relief Box and campaign for troubles.

The mental health knowledge popularization gallery attracted the bypassing students to be stationed to learn the mental health knowledge of college students through the form of exhibition boards, and enhance everyone's understanding of their own psychological conditions; At the flag station, the students wrote down their wishes and good wishes for the future with full expectation. Xiaoyi Anxiety-Relief Box received many anxieties and worries about the present and the puzzles about the future. Subsequently, Xiaoyi would also answer the puzzles for the students in the “Your Answer” tweet; campaign for troubles were even more popular. Interesting interactive mini-games such as “Digital Bomb”, “Play a Double Game”, “Switch Game”, “Horse Counting Game” and “Who's Little Bear” made students overwhelmed, and the atmosphere at the site was very warm.

The association exhibition activities were more plentiful. The basketball team's three-legged dribbling, obstacle dribbling + shooting and serving; the volleyball team's individual digging and pitching; the table tennis team's tossing reentry and serving in teeing ground; the football team’s shooting and dribbling around the pole; the badminton team's hitting the target every time without a miss, triple balance of power and the artificial bombing area, showed the charm of sports to the students. The photography team also set up the "Love Season" couple photography activity on this special day, which increased the attraction and interest of the activity.

After the carnival activities, the exciting lottery began. There were five third prizes, three second prizes and one first prize, which were selected by the head Hu Xueying, Teacher Li Wenwei and Deputy Secretary Liu Gouhua respectively. After lottery, the winers took a group photo with the teacher. Thus far, the administration-style series activities came to an end.  

On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the administration-style series activities, with the theme focused on “sports”, “health” and “happiness”, encouraged the students to go outdoors, review the knowledge of Party history in interesting answers, feel the fun of sports in competitions, and release the academic pressure in making friends. On the special day of May 20, Students participated in the activities, which not only gained joy and surprise, but also learned how to feel and express love in life. Wish the students face the life with sunshine in the future’s study and life, and become "loving" dreamers in the youth journey.