16th Information Investigation and Research Competition Successfully Held in School of Public Administration

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On the evening of May 18, 16th Information Investigation and Research Competition was successfully held in Room 101, New Building of School of Public Administration and an additional competition was held on May 27. Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of School of Public Administration Liu Guohua, Associate Professor from Department of Law Huan Jie and Teacher Tong Luyi from Department of Land Resources Management were invited as the honorable guests.  

Totally 7 teams participated in the competition. Each team, based on the daily life, with broad topics, originative prospective and unique analysis, presented the systematic data and the comprehensive explanation to us.  

After the presider introduced the background, purpose, evaluation teachers and evaluation rules of the information investigation and research competition, the competition officially launched.  

The first team was CUG-LIGHT Team. They focused on The Sense of Campus Belonging of Junior Students in CUG and invested it from four aspects including investigation background, purposes, investigation scheme, data analysis and conclusions and measures, analyzed the sense of campus belonging of the junior students in CUG and put forward the suggestions for strengthening the sense of campus belonging of the junior students in CUG.  

The second team, Bacterin Great Wall Guard, in combination with the current affairs, researched and investigated the influencing mechanism of the college student media contact and inoculation, which was close to the hotspot. They made an analysis with interview method, questionnaire and SPSS and showed their findings from three aspects including reliability and validity check, descriptive analysis and intermediation. After the representation, the appraisal teachers put forward the corresponding suggestions for the validity and pertinency of the questionnaire subjects.  

Subsequently, Tangram Team came on the scene. They analyzed the problems and countermeasures of the college students participation in voluntary service and concluded that the first factor influencing the college students enthusiasm of voluntary participation was the interpersonal hindering factor and put forward the pertinent suggestions. In the oral defense, aiming at the questions by the appraisal teachers, the team members proposed two schemes: signing an insurance to guarantee the safety of the voluntary students and innovating the mode of delivering the quota for voluntary service, which were affirmed by the appraisal teachers.

Seven Flowers on One Vine Team investigated the popularization of the campus official account and found the official account with relatively strong utility, service and interest was the favorite of the students. Finally, they put forward some practical suggestions for the official account operators and hoped the official account operators could continue learning and improvement to provide more convenience for the study and life of both teachers and students.  

Next, the fifth team, namely “Powerpuff Girls” focused on the current situation of the fire safety management ability in CUG, affirmed the control capability of fire scene, pointed out the shortage of prevention and preparation capability and pertinently put forward their suggestions: designing reasonable emergency pre-plan, actively mobilizing the participation in the safety education and actively carrying out the social rescue. The appraisal teachers gave an onsite instruction for the citation of the references and suggested that they should cite the related laws and regulations to enhance the authority of the investigation.  

Finally, Candy Team investigated Opinions of the Undergraduate Students on  Organizational Image and Working Style of Student Union, represented their findings with a number of charts and gave some reasonable suggestions and solutions about how to improve the organizational image of the student union. In the oral defense, they analyzed the orientation of the student union and the responsibilities of the student cadres in an all-round way and got favorable comments from the appraisal teachers.

After the representation and oral defense by all of the six teams, Teacher Tong Luyi made a comment about the information investigation and research competition. Firstly, he stressed the significance of the competition and proposed to make preparations for the competition and reserve a certain of professional knowledge. Finally, Teacher Tong praised all of the teams for their data analysis in the competition. However, he also pointed out the problems: insufficient sample accuracy, relatively weak qualitative analysis and insufficient analysis and so on.  

Subsequently, Deputy Secretary Liu Guohua said it was most important to make gains in the competition. Finally, Secretary Liu stressed the latest safety and discipline problems and reminded the students to learn the anti-fraud network lessons, pay attention to the speech safety and travel safety and strictly follow the epidemic prevention discipline and the regulations and rules of CUG.

In the following days, the appraisal teachers appraised the teams through comparison and scored them and selected the award winning teams of the information investigation and research competition.  

Then, the information research and investigation competition came to an end. This competition exercised the information acquisition ability and problem analysis capability of the students, expanded their knowledge, enhanced their concern about the hotspots in the daily life. All of the students said they made so many gains in the competition.