Social Practice Activities of “Xiangyunanwang” Team in Summer Vacation

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(Reported by Xiangyunanwang Team) At the moment of 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and achieving the First Centenary Goal, “Xiangyunanwang Team of School of Public Administration of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), led by Deputy Secretary Liu Guohua, made a journey to Bailinsi Village, Hongan County, Hubei Province.  

Taking household-oriented measures: effective plan for poverty  

The 19th Communist Party of China National Congress specially pointed out that it was necessary to implement the strategy of rural revitalization to solve the outstanding problems such as unbalanced urban and rural development, insufficient power for rural development and make up the rural shortcoming to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Therefore, with Bailinsi Village, Qiliping Town, Hongan County as the survey site, in combination with the evaluation index system, Xiangyunanwang Team went deep into the peasant households, delivered the questionnaires to the local peasants, surveyed the basic information about the peasants and the village, offer suggestions to the local government, sorted out a planning drawing and practically make contributions to the rural revitalization.  

At 10:00 a.m., July 16, Xiangyunanwang Team interviewed Han Yongjun, the first secretary of Rural Revitalization Working Team in Bailinsi Village, Qiliping Town, Hongan County. He said in the interview that Bailinsi Village suffered from poverty due to illness, lack of technology. Aiming at these problems, Bailinsi Village gave instructions to the peasants and trained them according to the different characteristics of the peasants, took household-oriented measures for scientific poverty alleviation and improved the efficiency of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in this village, as a result, the poor village before had become a beautiful village with prosperous living and habitable ecological environment.  

Improving the soft environment for investment: Strengthening the industries for poverty alleviation

In order to better understand the actual situation of the construction of the beautiful village in Bailinsi Village in an all-round way, upgrade the quality of rural living environment, help the local peasants to consolidate the poverty alleviation achievements and accelerate the development of the strategy of rural revitalization, the practice team contacted Liu Youfu, the Secretary of Party Branch of Bailinsi Village for an interview.  

Secretary Liu introduced the construction of the rural revitalization in Bailinsi Village and the successful experience and stressed the industrial development policy of Bailinsi Village: strengthening the industries and improving the soft environment for investment for poverty alleviation. In recent years, Bailinsi Village, in light of the 14th-Five-Year Plan, integrated the native eco-environment with the Red Culture and created the Red tourist industry. Fuan Ecological Park was a representative.  

During the interview, the secretarys joy deeply influenced all members of the team. On July 14, the team followers paid a visit to Hongan Fuan Eco-agricultural Park with curiosity and expectation. In the eco-agricultural park, environmental protection and green everywhere verified the cooperate characteristics of “primitive ecology” of the eco-agricultural park. Hongan Fuan Eco-agricultural Co., Ltd, in active answer to the national call, implemented the strategy of rural revitalization, erected a bridge for agricultural trade between the countryside in Hongan and Wuhan City and made important contributions to the construction of the beautiful village of Bailinsi Village.  

Technical innovation: Introducing the talents for fundamental change

In 2019, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued On Practically Strengthening high-standard farm land construction and Upgrading National Grain Security Capacity to guarantee the grain output over 1,000,000,000,000 Jin. Through the survey in the past few days, they witnessed the endeavor of Bailinsi Village in the high-standard farm land construction. All people in Bailinsi Village, with solidarity, implemented the idea of “Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver”, introduced the advanced talents, learn the advanced technology, carried out the land reclamation, turned the terrace into the level terrain and thoroughly changed the appearance of the farmland in Bailinsi Village. The photos of the fertile farmland from the infertile farmland in the bulletin board of the village Party committee greatly shocked the team followers and people in Bailinsi Village made a wonder with their hands!    

Singing the Red: Building the characteristic industries for economic development

Hongan County is the famous General County in China; meanwhile, the village with most faller heroes in Hongan is Bailinsi Village. During the practice, the team followers were deeply attracted by the “Red Bulletin Board everywhere in Bailinsi Village and they paid a visit to Museum of Huanggang-Macheng Uprising and Revolution in Soviet Region in Hubei, Henan and Anhui under the leadership of the deputy secretary Liu Guohua.  

The Party members in the team stood before the monument without monument, reviewed the oath at the CPC joining ceremony, engraved the history on their mind, remained true to their original aspiration and forged ahead. The spiritual wealth from Hongan, the holy city was immortal!  

Bailinsi Village, in light of the instruction of the National Administration for Rural Revitalization, shouted the slogan: taking household-oriented measures to guide the peasants, improving the soft environment for investment and supporting the local large-sized enterprises,  implementing the technical innovation and learning the advanced technology and singing the Red Culture with the leadership of Red. They put words into deeds. Many years ago, the people in Hongan County dared to be the first and sacrificed their precious lives for the revolutionary career. After many years, the people in Hongan County made great contributions to the construction of the beautiful village again! The team members said that they felt the firm faith of the Communist Party members. They would live up to their youth and work hard to make contributions to the construction of the beautiful village even the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the  learning and living in the future!  

Experience from practice

Sun Jialiang: During the process of going deep into the rural region, I also find out some issues that I have never been concerned about. I think, as a student Party member, I am reasonable and liable and to make efforts to settle these issues in the future, set up the firm faith of struggling for the motherland and the people, assume the historical mission, affirm the advancing confidence, make efforts to be a talent assuming the mission for the rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation and make contributions to the motherland, the nation, the people and the human being!  

Fan Yiqi: During this practice, In this practice, I realized a different life, experienced different hardships, realized the true meaning of "endless learning", and realized the true meaning of life. In the process of combining theory with practice, I have strengthened my determination to learn professional knowledge well and make use of it to contribute to the land resources management in China. The road ahead is long and difficult, but I am willing to explore unknown things, tap my potential, discover new worlds, create my own life and realize my own life value

Shi Xiumin: Implement the rural revitalization policy, help build beautiful countryside, and set off for Bailinsi Village, a red village in Hong 'an County. In the process of practice, we visited the high-standard farmland in the village, visited many farmers, and had in-depth communication with the two village party secretaries. Understand how Bailinsi Village, a demonstration village, realized the development process of "from scratch". At the same time, as a member of the Communist Youth League, through this practical activity, we are more determined that we have the responsibility and obligation to build the motherland, serve the people and strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Li Ningzhi: As a student of public utilities management, I am honored to have such an opportunity to go deep into the countryside and understand the actual situation in the countryside. Looking back at the accurate poverty alleviation achievements, I felt the flexible way of doing things and the passionate enthusiasm of the resident cadres in the countryside, and I gained the most sincere concern and the simplest smile in the villagers' home. As a university student, we should feel the national policy with close distance, and do our modest contribution to the party and the country with our sincere heart.

Li Jinteng: As a college student coming out of the village, I also have a firm belief in building my hometown, revitalizing the countryside and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In my freshman year, I had the honor to be a glorious activist in joining the party. This practice was to interview the cadres in Bailinsi Village and visit Huanggang-Macheng Uprising and the Revolutionary Memorial Park in Hubei, Henan and Anhui Soviet Areas. Our party's program, oath and deeds of party members, which can be seen everywhere on the way, have deeply inspired me and strengthened my determination to move closer to the party organization.

Han Zihui: This research activity has made me realize the importance of practice. The purpose of our study is to put our professional knowledge into practice, and help our country to become prosperous, rejuvenate our nation and prosper our society. In the future study and life, I will further improve my ability to combine theory with practice, and constantly precipitate and improve myself. I also hope that we can make suggestions for rural revitalization and contribute our own strength through the investigation of rural human settlements remediation.

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