Our Students Won the Grand Prize in National Land Survey Competition for College Students

Author:Nov 23, 2021editor:刘国华Amount of reading:

(Correspondent: Liu Guohua) Recently, the finals of the third National Land Survey Competition for College Students came to an end. Under the guidance of Associate Professor Yang Zuofu and Professor Hu Shougeng of the School of Public Administration, the work "Practical Investigation, Balanced Analysis and Policy Thinking on Income Distribution of Collective Management Construction Land in Underdeveloped Areas: Taking Ningxia as an Example" completed by a Jia Xingyu, Zhai Yifan, Liu Xuyi, Wu Yangting, Shao Jingyuan and Zhang Ziyu, undergraduates of Grade 2019, was awarded the grand prize. Under the guidance of Professor Jin Gui from the School of Economics and Management, the work "Natural Resource Survey and Multifunctional Potential Evaluation in Ezhou City" completed by undergraduate students Tan Kaiyuan, Xu Shengxian, Zhou Xinyan, Dong Jun, Zhou Junhua and Wang Wenjing was awarded the first prize.

Since the preparation for the competition began in July this year, several faculty members from the School of Public Administration and the School of Economics and Management have led a number of undergraduate students to Ningxia and Ezhou to conduct field research and collect basic data. Students majoring in land resources management, economics, business administration and accounting applied enthusiastically and the teams were recommended after being selected by the university on merit. After entering the final round, the "Nanwang Soil Sweeping Team" formed by the School of Public Administration and the "Nanwang Future Team" formed by the School of Economics and Management refined the presentation PPT, elaborated the posters and repeatedly rehearsed for many rounds, and finally won the unanimous approval of the jury composed of scholars in the industry in the online final presentation and achieved excellent results.

The competition is sponsored by the Teaching Guidance Committee of Public Administration in Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of Education, guided by the China Land Science Society, co-hosted by the Land Economy Branch of the China Land Science Society, the Science Popularization Committee and the School of Public Administration of China University of Mining and Technology, and co-organized by the School of Environment and Mapping of China University of Mining and Technology, the Key Laboratory of Carbon Neutral and Territorial Space Optimization of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Research Center for Transformation Development and Rural Revitalization of Resource-based Cities in China. The competition attracted 156 teams from 74 universities, including Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University and Zhejiang University, and 48 works advanced to the final. After online presentation, defense and expert evaluation, 2 Grand Prizes, 10 First Prizes, 18 Second Prizes and 18 Third Prizes were finally selected.

With the theme of "Optimization of Land and Space and Coordinated Regional Development", under the background that China's economy is accelerating to form a new development pattern with domestic macro-circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual-circulation promoting each other, the competition aims to encourage college students majoring in land or related disciplines to have an in-depth understanding of the significance of land space optimization and regional coordinated development in China, and to apply relevant professional theories, knowledge and methods conduct research and analysis on the effectiveness of practices related to the optimization of land and space patterns and coordinated regional economic and social development, and on this basis, form the investigation results and present and explain them, so as to promote the innovative development of land and natural resources management theories and practices.