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Constitution Study, Propaganda and Education Activities are Well Received

Author:Apr 1, 2022editor:李继杰Amount of reading:

Recently, the university website published "CUG is Honored in the Constitution Propaganda and Education Activities of Provincial Education System". The article mentioned that Zhang Ge and Li Xiaozheng, LLM students of Grade 2020 of the School of Public Administration, achieved excellent results in the speech contest and knowledge competition of "Studying and Publicizing the Constitution", and Lv Lingyan, a teacher of the Department of Law of the School of Public Administration, was awarded as an excellent instructor.

The "Studying and Publicizing the Constitution" campaign in 2021 is the sixth nationwide campaign to study and promote the Constitution in depth, led by Xi Jinping's thought on the rule of law.

Wang Linqing, Deputy Secretary of CUG, visited our School to guide the activity of "Morning Reading of the Constitution". By organizing teachers and students to study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on the rule of law, promoting Xi Jinping's thoughts on the rule of law into teaching materials, classes and minds, and carrying out various activities such as "Morning Reading of the Constitution", "Legal Clinic" and special lectures, the influence and impact of constitution propaganda and education have been enhanced.

In the future, the Department of Law will further carry out in-depth study and propaganda education activities with constitution education as the core, civil code education as the focus, and cultivating and practicing socialist core values as the main line, to guide teachers and students to understand constitutional knowledge and connotations, consciously respect the Constitution, study the Constitution, abide by the Constitution, uphold the Constitution, apply the Constitution, and consciously become the faithful admirer, conscious abider, and firm defender of the Constitution.