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Course Reporting Activity of “Mock Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) and Hearing Training” of the Department of Public Administration

Author:Apr 11, 2022editor:李继杰Amount of reading:

     (Reported by Ding Zhizhen and Zhang Tongke) In order to guide students to pay attention to current affairs, improve their professional quality, broaden their knowledge, and further strengthen the professional training characteristics of the Department of Public Administration, all junior students of the Department of Public Administration held a course reporting activity of "Mock Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) and Hearing Training" in Classroom 201 of the Complex Building in North Quarter on the afternoon of April 7, 2022. The judges included Ms. Liu Zhonglan, Ms. Zhao Pin, Ms. Zhang Jie, Mr. Huang Li and Dr. Bai Jun.

The course "Mock Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) and Hearing Training" consists of three sessions, namely, preliminary material preparation, mid-term mock presentation and post-term experience exchange and judges' comments

In the preliminary material preparation session, students chose the topic of the hearing presentation according to their own interests under the guidance of the lecturer, and used their spare time to collect and organize relevant information, such as understanding the basic knowledge of the hearing, the specific process of the hearing, precautions, the quality and ability of the participants. Then they conceptualized and planned the speech form and content of their respective groups (including the selection of the theme of the hearing speech, the writing of the script, the division of tasks among the group members, the stage planning and performance design, etc.).

In the mid-term mock presentation session, all participating students were divided into 10 groups, and each group chose a topic according to their interests. The students chose a variety of topics and presented them in different forms. The topics included free bus preferential policy for the disabled, the construction of gender-neutral bathrooms, the protection of citizens' personal information, higher education fee reform, the fight against illegal network electrofishing video to help protect the Yangtze River, the “Measures for the Administration of Smoking Control (Draft)” of Jingzhou City, the protection of the rights and interests of abducted women and children, the rectification plan for script to kill industry chaos, the action against trafficking in women and children and the trial of free medical care for all in Hubei.

During the presentation, the roles of each group were clearly divided, and the host, clerk, hearing personnel, recorder, notary and media workers performed their respective duties. The clerk read out the discipline requirements of the hearing site, and the host announced the beginning of the hearing, introduced the on-site personnel, announced the hearing process, and briefly introduced the hearing case. During the hearing, each group made statements according to the standard procedures of the hearing, and asked and questioned each other. Then, the host or the main responsible department summarized the hearing. So far, the hearing was basically over.

It is worth noting that, in addition to a clear division of labor, some groups insisted on restoring reality. The selection and composition of the hearing staff closely around the multiple interest subjects in the event, the mass representatives stated in dialect for expression closer to life, the scene had a full record of photography, the recorder recorded the whole process and the notary notarized. Before the end of the hearing, the hearing presenter was required to sign and review the contents of the hearing. Among them, at the hearing site of “script to kill industry chaos and rectification plan”, the hearing presenters involved multiple interest subjects, which was related to the healthy growth of children and students, the copyright of the script, the infringement of the creator, the maintenance of the interests of business operators and other issues. There was a fierce confrontation between the positive and negative sides at the scene, which left a deep impression. On the whole, all groups were able to mock the hearing site.

The judges and teachers fully affirmed the performance of the students in this mock hearing activity, and held that in this activity, the materials were well prepared, the hearing procedure was standardized, the atmosphere was serious, and the parties holding different views had sufficient discussions. However, there were also some detailed problems, such as incomplete table signature setting of some groups (vacant positions or names), the host's ability to control the scene needed to be improved, the answers of some hearing presenters were not closely related to the theme, and the purpose of the hearing was not clearly conveyed.

       At the end of the course reporting, Ms. Liu Zhonglan invited the students to share their insights and feelings about the activity arrangement of "Mock Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) and Hearing Training". The students spoke enthusiastically, on the one hand, they thanked the teachers for teaching them about hearings and patiently answering the questions they encountered; on the other hand, they hoped that the teachers could explain the hearing process more carefully and teach more ways to judge the type of hearings. Ms. Liu Zhonglan responded and answered the questions raised by the students, and emphasized that in the hearing process involving multiple interest subjects, we should discuss in a categorized manner. For the hearing content where the interests of both sides were clearly in conflict, such as the rectification of chaos in script to kill industry, the focus of the conflict was to guarantee the equal participation and full expression of opinions of different interest subjects; while for the hearing content where both sides agree, such as the hearing to protect the rights and interests of trafficked women and children, the important content should be put on how to do it, with the ultimate goal of solving the problem.

The reporting activity of “Mock Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC) and Hearing Training" of the Department of Public Administration was successfully completed.