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A Study Trip in Hong’an for Tracking Down Red Memory

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(Reported by Wang Xinyu and Liu Guohua) Follow the footsteps of martyrs and renew the red blood. On May 30, School of Public Administration organized 90 representatives of teacher and student party members and league members to carry out the Party history learning and education for tracking down the red memory in Memorial Park of Huangma Uprising and Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area in Hong’an County and Qiliping, a town of military importance.

Teachers and students headed for Hongan County, singing the red songs such as “Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China”, and “Socialism is Good” all the way.

Zhang Jijun, the Secretary of the Party Committee of this School, led the teachers and students to review the admission oath of the CPC in front of the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs in Huangma Uprising and Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area. All teachers and students stood in silent tribute, presented flowers and bowed to the revolutionary martyrs.

After that, teachers and students led by the interpreter run through Martyr Square and visited the Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, Li Xiannian Memorial Hall and Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall.

The Revolutionary History Memorial Hall began with a large sculpture “The Spirit of Ta-pieh Mountains” in the lobby, included six exhibition halls: Huangma Shocking Thunder, Shangcheng South War Flame, Anhui Western Raging Flame, New Appearance of Red Area, Hard Fighting in Ta-pieh Mountains and Isolated Forces in Blood. Cradle of Generals in the tail hall, displayed 61 large-scale combined photos of the commissioned generals from Hong’an. Teachers and students watched the battle scenes of Huangma Uprising restored by artistic means such as panoramas and large sand table model, and truly felt the great feats of revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for justice.

In Li Xiannian Memorial Hall, teachers and students recalled his 66-years revolutionary career from an ordinary carpenter to an outstanding leader of the Party and the country. Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall of Huangma Uprising and Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area vividly represented the 26-year’s revolutionary struggle process from the establishment of the Party organization in Huang’an in 1923 to the national liberation in 1949, and represented the heroic deeds of 263 martyrs who died in the Red Fourth Army, the Red Twenty-fifth Army and the Red Twenty-eighth Army to create and defend the revolutionary bases in Hubei, Henan and Anhui. However, they were only some typical representatives of millions of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Huang’an County. Here, teachers and students cherished the memory of the revolutionary martyrs who gave up their lives to overthrow the reactionary rule and build a new China. Their lofty revolutionary spirit always inspired them to march forward bravely in the great practice of realizing the lofty ideal of communism.

Teachers and students also came to Qiliping Town, a revolutionary town of military importance. In Qiliping Revolutionary Sites, they visited Red Fourth Army Command in Changsheng Street, Qiliping Trade Union, Zheng Weisan Revolutionary Deeds Exhibition Hall, Lenin Primary School and other former sites in turn. Through old objects, teachers and students more truly felt the hardship of life in the revolutionary war years and also knew how to cherish the hard-earned victory.

After the study trip, the representatives of the teacher and student party members and league members all said that they got great benefits.

Comrade Wang Qingtao, a representative of the teacher party members, said: “In salute to the martyrs, we have received the education of revolutionary ideals and party spirit together. Young people in the new era must build a foundation of faith, complement the calcium of the spirit, stabilize the rudder of the mind, and live up to the mission of the times and bloom in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream. ”

Comrade Zhang Di, a member of doctoral student Party branch majoring in land resources management, said: “The glorious deeds of revolutionary martyrs inspire us to cherish the hard-earned happy life and forge ahead. We shall further strengthen our ideals and beliefs, keep in mind our initial mission, and strive to be a newcomer to the times on the way forward.”

Comrade Fan Yiqi, a probationary member of the undergraduate Party branch Grade 2019, said: “Under the influence of the revolutionary predecessors, I have strengthened my ideals and beliefs and the way forward. I will always keep in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and play my vanguard and exemplary leading role in learning and thinking.”

In small Huang’an, everyone is a hero; once the gong rings, 480,000 persons will join the army." This ballad was not only a true portrayal of Hong'an workers and peasants' enthusiastic support for the revolutionary struggle, but also a vivid manifestation of the Chinese Communist Party's winning the hearts of the people and obeying public opinion. The spirit of Hong’an was not only a powerful ideological weapon to defeat the enemy in the revolutionary war era, It also left a precious spiritual wealth for the people of Hong’an and even the Chinese nation. Learning the history to make us reasonable, strengthen confidence, respect the morality and carry forward the practice. Teachers and students in School of Public Administration tracked down the footsteps of predecessors, renew the red blood in the great journey of realizing the historical mission of our generation, keep up with the trend, practice together, and greet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements.