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Professor Cai Huilian of This School is Selected as One of the First Batch of Talents of Wuhan Legal Talent Pool

Author:Mar 30, 2022editor:李继杰Amount of reading:

Recently, the Political and Legal Committee of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, Wuhan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Wuhan Law Society jointly issued the document "Decision on the First Batch of Talents of Wuhan Legal Talent Pool", and Professor Cai Huilian of this School was selected as one of the first batch of talents of Wuhan Legal Talent Pool.

  The construction of the legal talent pool aims to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thought on the rule of law and the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, and vigorously train and timely select a number of high-level legal talents to serve the economic and social development and rule of law construction in Wuhan City. In her future work, Professor Cai Huilian will strive to comprehensively study, publicize and practice Xi Jinping's thoughts on the rule of law, actively participate in the local legislation, law enforcement, judicial and other rule of law practice activities of Wuhan City, give full play to the leading role of demonstration, to make new and greater contributions to comprehensively promoting the rule of law, building a first-class city under the rule of law, promoting the high-quality development of Wuhan, accelerating the creation of Wuhan's "five centers" and building a modern Wuhan!