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Teachers of Our School Participated in 2022 Emergency Management Talent Development Seminar Hosted by University Alliance of Emergency Management Undergraduate Major

Author:Apr 7, 2022editor:李继杰Amount of reading:

(Reported by Li Bingqing) On April 2, 2022, 2022 Emergency Management Talent Development Seminar was held online, which was sponsored by University Alliance of Emergency Management Undergraduate Major, organized by School of Emergency Management of Northwestern University, and co-organized by Virtual Teaching and Research Department of Introduction to Emergency Management of Northwestern University. The seminar focused on the theme of “Talent Development in Emergency Management”. Professor Lei Xiaokang, Dean of School of Public Administration (School of Emergency Management) of Northwestern University, presided over the morning seminar and Professor Li Yaoyuan, Deputy Dean, presided over the afternoon seminar. Totally 25 deans of schools of emergency management and well-known experts in China made theme-focused speeches. Prof. Li Shixiang, Deputy Dean of School of Public Administration of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), and some teachers from the emergency management major attended the seminar.

Professor Li Shixiang gave a theme-focused speech entitled “Discussion about Construction of Emergency Management Major”, and shared the construction ideas and experience of the emergency management major in This School from three aspects. Firstly, he introduced the disciplinary background of establishing the  emergency management major; secondly, he introduced the ideas and characteristics of the emergency management major, and finally, he discussed the current personnel development scheme. He pointed out that, as a school integrating three disciplines of engineering, management and law, This School persisted in the development concept of “pursuing excellence and strengthening the quality for better” and the mission of “making every effort to cultivate the innovative talents with complicated skills with Chinese patriotism and international view-field, familiar with the political thought, the concept of rule by law, management philosophy and management skills and having both ability and moral integrity” and devoted itself to building an excellent, harmonious and happy school of public administration. In addition, he especially mentioned that international exchange and cooperation should be strengthened in the construction of the major, and that a memorandum of cooperation was signed with George Mason University and Duke University to explore international cooperation in the talent development in the emergency management major, which provided valuable experience in the internationalization of emergency management disciplines in China in the future.

The seminar provided a valuable communication platform for experts and scholars to discuss the characteristics of emergency management disciplines and specialties, talent development and talent output, which was of great significance in promoting research and exploration on teaching content, curriculum implementation and teaching evaluation of emergency management undergraduate majors and optimizing the emergency management talent development system.